John Schwencke: New Home Energy Scores

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Navigating Real Estate 8

Effective July 1, 2023, homes listed for sale in Bend must include a home energy score report card for buyers to review. Developing a Home Energy Score program is part of the Bend Community Climate Action Plan to reduce community greenhouse gas emissions and mirrors a larger national push towards home energy efficiencies. As with any new policy, there are a lot of questions especially for homeowners looking to sell.

In this episode Ryan Buccola and John Schwenke discuss

  • The new Home Energy Score—what it is and what it means for homeowners.
  • What the Home Energy Score report includes. Not only a rating, it also provides an estimated energy cost for the home and suggestions to make the home more energy efficient.
  • Ways that real estate brokers can work with the new home energy score to educate their buyers and sellers about the system and how to best understand its value.

Key takeaways:

  • The higher a house is rated on the home energy score scale, the more efficient it is.
  • The home energy score does not make a house more efficient; rather it is a scale rating and point of awareness to help influence the overall efficiency of a community.
  • Building codes are changing, but it’s hard to tell what will happen to existing, older homes in order to improve efficiency, get a higher rating, and increase return on investment.
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