Cory Bettesworth: Navigating the Top 3 Real Estate Updates for 2023

With special guest Cory Bettesworth, Managing Principal Broker RE/MAX Key Properties.

Navigating Real Estate Episode 1:

We are on the cusp of a new year. In this episode, Ryan Buccola and Cory Bettesworth talk about the top 3 things real estate brokers should be thinking about for 2023. Get the inside scoop on form changes that are coming to Oregon, NAR’s class action lawsuit and what it means to you, plus important business planning tips.

In this episode Ryan Buccola and Cory Bettesworth discuss

  • New forms coming to Oregon in 2023
  • NAR’s class action lawsuit and what it means to you
  • Business planning for 2023

Key takeaways:

  • The Oregon Association of Realtors, our state board, has put together a whole new set of forms for 2023. Not many brokers in our area are aware that this change is coming. In our office right now, we are doing all we can to learn about the new forms so we can educate our brokers and our industry on best practices and protocols for the new year.
  • NAR’s class action lawsuit is important because this will potentially change the way we do business, when it comes to representation and disclosure of our commissions. The date to pay attention to is February 23, 2023. That is the date that this is all supposed to come to a head.
  • With the shifting market, what we did in 2022 isn’t necessarily going to work in 2023. Having a solid business plan is more important than ever. Taking a look at the old tried-and-true methods that have worked for you in the past, putting together some new goals, and devising a way to hold yourself accountable—these steps are all crucial going into the new year with a clear head and strong objectives.

Happy listening!

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