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NorthWest Crossing (often abbreviated NWX) is a completely unique master-planned community in northwest Bend. Principal Broker David Quiros has been representing buyers and sellers in the community for more than 20 years. He was kind enough to talk with us about his history with the community, some of the things he finds special about it, and where future development might be headed.

Tell us about the history of NorthWest Crossing. How old is the community? How has it changed over the years?
‍NorthWest Crossing was started in 1999 when two local developers, Tennant Family Limited Partnership and Brooks Resources Corporation, joined forces to purchase 488 acres from the Miller Family (Miller Lumber) and to start the initial planning for a master planned, mixed-use community that eventually included more than 1,200 single family homes, numerous multi-family projects, two schools, several parks and dozens of commercial buildings. These developers formed West Bend Property Company, which has been involved in all aspects of the planning and design of the Northwest Crossing community, and is still involved in the development process of the final tracts of this amazing community. Their vision and attention to all of the details of each building in the community is evident in the built environment.

‍How long have you been representing sellers and buyers in NorthWest Crossing? What first drew you to the neighborhood?
‍I started my association with the NorthWest Crossing community as a Project Manager with a local builder, Palmer Homes, in 2001. With this builder, I coordinated the construction of more than 35 NWX homes and 16 townhomes in the first 7 phases. In the early days of NorthWest Crossing, I didn’t really understand the scope and the vision of the community, but as additional phases and commercial areas were developed, the vision came into clearer focus.

In 2006, I was selected by the NWX developers to be the Principal Broker for NorthWest Crossing Realty, the development’s in-house real estate brokerage and the designated listing agent for all of the NWX Builders Guild member’s spec building projects. In the capacity of Principal Broker, I was responsible for the initial sales of more than 150 new NorthWest Crossing homes between 2006 and 2008.

‍What are some of the things that make NorthWest Crossing unique?
‍Several things make NorthWest Crossing unique. For one, it is one of the largest master planned, mixed-use, residential communities in Central Oregon. There has been a tremendous amount of pre-planning and community vision that has gone into each phase of the development and design elements (check out the NorthWest Crossing Rules and Design Guidelines).

The guiding documents and vision has been consistent from the beginning of the development. Traditional Neighborhood Design has been most evident in all of the phases. Alleyways behind almost all of the homes and tree-lined streets at the front give a feeling of an older neighborhood. In NorthWest Crossing, automobiles and garage doors are not the dominant feature of the streetscape of the neighborhood. Because garages are entered from the rear alleyway, the front of the homes feature 1920’s-30’s era architectural details and front porches that were prevalent in these bygone decades. A real sense of community is imbued in NWX in part by the fact that the front of each home is usually only 10 to 15 feet from the wide and quiet sidewalks. The front porches and close-by walkways allow casual conversations, engaging the residents that are relaxing on their porch and the neighbors that walk by. The NorthWest Crossing neighborhoods feel rooted in tradition, even though most homes in NWX are less than 10-15 years old.

Every design feature of EACH and EVERY home built in NWX is scrutinized by the NWX Architectural Review Committee, appointed by the developers guided by NWX Builders Guild members and architectural design professionals. The consistent application of the meticulous design guidelines is what has given NWX its timeless feel and attractive qualities. Energy efficiency certified by Earth Advantage is required with each home built in NorthWest Crossing.

‍Why might NorthWest Crossing be a good investment for the future?
‍NorthWest Crossing residential real estate has been consistently outperforming other Bend neighborhoods for two decades. Good returns on residential real estate investment even during the downturn years of 2006-2010. This is a very attractive neighborhood for residents that work from home, which is a huge and growing segment of our real estate market.

‍What are your favorite nearby restaurants, shops, and businesses?
‍I love to meet clients and friends at Portello Wine Cafe, great sidewalk dining and wine list. La Rosa is a favorite for a quick lunch or a great margarita. Go for the Ocean Rolls and great coffee at Sparrow Bakery.

‍What other attractions, like trails or parks, are nearby?
‍NorthWest Crossing has a number of Park and Recreation District parks and trails in the neighborhood. Lewis and Clark Park is a smaller park with open space and a play structure. Compass Park has a pavilion for family and community gatherings and picnics and is the venue for Munch & Movies in the summertime. Discovery Park is a larger park with plenty of grassy areas, a small lake, picnic pavilions, a dog park and a community garden space. The trail through Discovery Park links with trails in 650-acre Shevlin Park to the west. Mountain biking at Phil’s Trail complex is only a 10-minute ride from most of NorthWest Crossing.

Is there an overarching architectural style? What is the mix of old vs. new construction? Multi-family vs. single-family?
‍NorthWest Crossing takes its architectural cues from Bend and Pacific Northwest residential architecture of the 1910-1930’s. Architectural types can be described as Craftsman Style, Prairie Style, Tudor Revival, American FourSquare, Colonial Revival, etc. More recently, another architectural style has been introduced: Mid-Century Modern that is a popular revival to modern 1950’s architecture.

‍What is the median price range in NWX, and how is it changing with time and development?
‍Single family homes in NWX start at about $650,000 and top out at about $1.5M. There are some less expensive alternatives in NWX like townhomes, cottages and condos.

‍Are there future improvements or developments in the works?
‍Currently under construction in NWX is GROVE, close to NWX neighborhood center. It is a mixed-use development of three buildings that will incorporate a covered open marketplace for various food stalls and local vendors. The initial phases of this development should be ready by early Summer 2021. Commercial tracts in NWX continue to be developed. Almost all of the single family residential lots have been built out.

Discovery West is a new development to the west of NorthWest Crossing. Discovery West is being developed by the same developer as Northwest Crossing and Discovery West will incorporate many of the same architectural guidelines and has many of the same builders as NWX.

‍Are there special or seasonal events that take place in the community?
‍Be sure to check out the Northwest Crossing Saturday Farmers Market each summer in the NWX Neighborhood Center.

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