Cindy King: What’s Happening with Affordable Housing?

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Affordable housing is a big topic of conversation in Bend. And for good reason. As we’ve watched home prices soar here locally over the course of the last two years, the dream of home ownership can feel out of reach for some. We’re excited to have Cindy King here today to discuss what the City is working on in this area. As the current chair of the city’s Affordable Housing Advisory Committee, Cindy can teach us a lot about what’s happening today and what the future holds.

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Navigating Real Estate Episode 10

In this episode Ryan Buccola and Cindy King discuss:

  • Specific challenges that the Bend, Oregon housing market has faced regarding affordable housing.
  • The complicated economic factors that affect the ability of cities and developers to create affordable housing opportunities.
  • Limitations of the urban growth boundary, mortgage rates, inflation and pricing pressures that can affect affordable housing because of the realities of the hard costs of development.
  • Local resources for those looking to learn about affordable housing opportunities in Central Oregon.

Key takeaways:

  • Similar trends are being experienced in other resort towns across the Mountain West. The lack of affordable housing is not a Bend issue alone. Other cities are working hard to address these issues and create solutions that impact communities in positive ways.
  • Kôr Community Land Trust is an example of a model that is working well in Central Oregon. Kôr is a nonprofit that creates sustainable, affordable homeownership communities for Central Oregon’s workforce. Using the Community Land Trust model, Kôr ensures that the community will have access to healthy, affordable homes for generations to come.
  • There are creative financing solutions available for those who qualify. It’s important to ask questions, learn and search out the resources in your community that are available to help you become a homeowner.
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