A Guide to Mount Bachelor Village

Mt. Bachelor Village above Deschutes River in Bend, Oregon

Located in beautiful Southwest Bend minutes from downtown and just a short drive from Mount Bachelor Ski Resort, there’s no question that Mount Bachelor Village is a special community. The Serbus Real Estate Team has been representing buyers and sellers there for more than two decades. We sat down with them to learn about the history of the community, what makes it so special, and why it might be a good investment for the future.

Tell us about the history of Mount Bachelor Village. How old is the community? How has it changed over the years?

Brooks Resources developed Mount Bachelor Village beginning in 1970. Brooks Resources is the oldest family developer in Bend, Oregon. They developed the parts of Bend that we all know and love such as Awbrey Butte, Awbrey Glen, North Rim and Mount Bachelor Village, as well as partnerships in many other projects.

The original condominiums, developed and sold at Mount Bachelor Village are called Ski Houses. They were developed between approximately 1970 and 1982. Between 1990 and 1995, the River Ridge condominiums were developed. Neal Huston and associates, a local well-respected architect, designed the northwest contemporary River Ridge units. They were sold either wholly owned (one owner) or as a deeded 1/5th interested (5 owners). During this time, 12 River Ridge townhomes were developed. These are still known today as Mount Bachelor Village’s high-end product with the most amazing views of the Deschutes River in all of Bend!

Fast-forward to 2004, when RiverWild at Mount Bachelor Village began development. There are 66 homes in this development consisting of 48 Forest homes and 18 Bluff townhomes. I had the privilege of being the listing broker on this project and worked closely with Diane Wilcox, the project manager for Brooks Resources and general manager of Mount Bachelor Village for almost 40 years. She is still, even in her retirement, the person who made Mount Bachelor Village what it is today.

Brooks Resources made the decision not to develop the last plot of land at the Village and sold it to a local developer who created River Camp.  Mount Bachelor Village has many original owners and is now considered an heirloom property. In 2019 Brooks Resources sold Mount Bachelor Village to Meredith Lodging. Kelly Newcombe is the current General Manager.

How long have you been representing sellers and buyers in Mount Bachelor Village? What first drew you to the neighborhood?

I started my real estate career with Brooks Resources at the end of 1999. I managed their branch office at Mount Bachelor Village. Because of my background in the hospitality industry, it was a perfect fit for Mount Bachelor Village and myself.

What are some of the things that make Mount Bachelor Village unique?

Mount Bachelor Village is smack dab in the middle the best amenities and attractions in Bend. Located on the road to Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort, the village is just minutes to Downtown Bend, the Old Mill District, Deschutes River hiking and biking trails and the Athletic Club of Bend.

Old Mill Shopping area along the Deschutes River in Bend, Oregon

Why might Mount Bachelor Village be a good investment for the future?

Location, location, and location! Because of its perch above the Deschutes River and proximity to Bend’s hot spots, both in nature and in town, Mount Bachelor Village continues to be a highly sought-after community.

What are your favorite nearby restaurants, shops, and businesses?

Where do I start? There are so many wonderful options that are very close by. Within the Athletic Club of Bend, you’ll find Bistro 28 where you can meet friends for cocktails on the spacious pool-side deck. During the summer, the club hosts live outdoor concerts. A bit further down the road is the Old Mill District, where you’ll find a collection of local and well-known shops, restaurants and wine bars, beautifully situated along the Deschutes River and just across the way from the popular Hayden Homes Amphitheatre. Just on the outskirts of downtown is The Box Factory with coffee shops, wine bars, a brewery and boutique shops. And of course, there’s always something to do, drink or eat in Downtown Bend! All of these areas, and more, are easily accessible from Mount Bachelor Village.

What other attractions, like trails or parks, are nearby?

The Deschutes River Trail is just below Mount Bachelor Village. You can enjoy a meandering part-pavement, part-dirt trail through the Old Mill District and up into the forest. Phil’s Trail, one of the northwest’s best mountain biking systems, is just down the road. Really, take your pick from any of a number of outdoor activities that are easily accessible from Bend’s westside!

Is there an overarching architectural style? What is the mix of old vs. new construction? Multi-family vs. single-family?

The Ski House condominiums are chalet style. Most one-bedroom units are downstairs and 640 square feet. The two-bedroom loft units are upstairs and 840 square feet.

River Ridge condos and townhomes are northwest contemporary. The two-bedroom condos are downstairs and 1,194 square feet while the three bedrooms are upstairs and 1,719 square feet.

RiverWild is a combination of single-family homes and townhomes. Both are two story with approximately 2000+ square feet and two-car garages.

River Camp features a more contemporary cottage appearance.

What is the median price range in Mount Bachelor Village, and how is it changing with time and development?

Based on current prices as of February 1, 2022,

The Ski Houses


River Ridge two-bedroom

$700,000.00 wholly owned,

Deeded 1/5th $80,000.00

River Ridge three-bedroom

$825,000.00 wholly owned

Deeded 1/5th is $106,000.00

River Ridge Townhomes $2.2MM,


Forest Homes from $1.1M

Bluff Townhomes from $1.250M

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